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Baia Estate Wines

Baia Estate produces Italian-style wines from a 70-acre property in the hills of central Leelanau County, Michigan. The North Matheson road estate enjoys sweeping views of Lake Michigan’s West Grand Traverse Bay and an ideal southeastern exposure. The vineyard is planted with Chardonnay, Riesling, Fruliano, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir.


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  • On the shelf at the Merc !!! LAMBO #Bro #BaiaLife- The latest, the greatest, the newest addition from @baiawine !! Lambo, a dry sparkling red, a Lambrusco northern Michigan style.  Try it this weekend after meandering through the car and boat show #lelandheritagefestival @lelandmi  Grilling steaks, pizza and Sunday football or just take it down to the beach for that next Killer Leland Sunset!  #drinknomiwine #drinkbaia #drinkleelanau #drinklocal #drinkresponible #lelandmerc #lakemichigan #fishtownsunsets #killerlelandsunsets
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  • A truly magical event - Back in June, we had the pleasure of collaborating on a farm dinner with @freshexchange, @chet_offensive, @kyleevansdesign, @baiawine and @arborbrewingco for the #michaelchetcutifoundation. Everything was sourced locally of course, right down to the handmade plates and table wares now available through Megan’s shop, @shopfreshexchange. This was an absolutely perfect summer evening; warm and still with the lush greens of late June all around. We love doing these dinners as it allows for more menu and set up creativity than other types of events. Megan wrote a fabulous post about the dinner on her blog (thank you for all the kind words!), link in our profile. Cheers to all who had a hand in this magical evening, especially the guests who trust us to “do our thing”. Photos: @freshexchange ❤️
  • Seeing that @katevilter  is very picky about her wines 😍🍷😍It’s a very proud moment seeing @baiawine on the wine list @riversideleland #Leland #Leelanau #BaiaLife #M22
  • Co-branding glory - Day 2 @arborbrewingco @bigalorapizza Leelanau Summit 2019 @michiganhops #Hops #Beer #Pizza #UpNorth #Leelanau #Omena